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365体育网址大全Metallic Backup & Recovery and Microsoft Azure are delivering data protection you can trust.

365体育网址大全Get cloud backup with ultimate scale and proven security via simple SaaS management. Digital transformation is happening fast. Now is the time for trust.

365体育网址大全Metallic is now available on the Azure Marketplace as a featured app.


An excerpt from the IDC video podcast discussion featuring Tad Brockway of Microsoft and Sanjay Mirchandani of Commvault

“Microsoft and Commvault are taking their long-term partnership to a new level.”

Steve White, VP Channels & Alliances, IDC  

 “This agreement strengthens Microsoft support for the channel with Azure, and Commvault’s commitment to a 100% channel-led strategy for Metallic SaaS.”

Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

“With organizations around the world further prioritizing their efforts to move to the cloud in the wake of COVID-19, this product comes at a compelling time.”

Crawford Del Prete, President, IDC

Customer success is everything to us

 Commvault helps this organization to adapt to all new things so researchers, doctors and professors can do what they need to do to develop new cures and deliver care.

What’s more important than what our customers have to say?

Our Products

Products for turning headaches into brainpower

Wherever you are in your data journey, we’ve got the product to help you level up.

lep-lawyers.complete™ Backup & Recovery

One single, powerful solution for data protection – wherever your data lives.

Commvault Activate™

Know your data, and gain insights for better data governance and business outcomes.

365体育网址大全Commvault HyperScale™

Scale-out data protection designed to grow with you — delivered as software, or as an appliance.

Commvault Orchestrate™

Data provisioning and sync for faster disaster recovery, dev/test operations and workload migration.

365体育网址大全Commvault is not changing, it has already changed.

Christophe Bertrand, ESG

Our Solutions

Backup and Recovery

Many orgs have had the same data protection tools and practices for years, even decades. These days, application protection, endpoint protection, and snapshot management are table stakes. Be ready to modernize how you protect your data.


The cloud has enabled your org to move fast and stay agile. But with every new place that your data lives, new vulnerabilities pop up. Your cloud processes require protection as agile as their benefits.


As your business grows, so do your data workloads. And that means adding more storage, virtual machines, and apps into your infrastructure. But there are side effects: data silos, redundant infrastructure, and VM sprawl.

Disaster Recovery

According to our research, only 25% of companies are ready for a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, and only 31% are ready for a ransomware attack. Think you can beat the odds?

Security and Compliance

365体育网址大全Each year, we see more data compromised, and more users disheartened. It should be no surprise that governments around the world are introducing ever more stringent regulations to protect individuals. Is your company ready?


365体育网址大全With a scale-up architecture, the only way to add capacity is to install another disk shelf. But every time you expand, performance takes a hit. Deploy infrastructure as you go with a scale-out strategy.

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